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Discover this incredible beach - You will not believe it -


For sure one of our favorite beaches. You will need a car and about 30 minutes from Corralejo. Please make sure that your rental company allows you to get there -

Fuerteventura offers beautiful beaches and activities to discover, here we leave you the information of an exuberant beach called “Esquinzo” that you can visit during your stay on the island, enjoy it!

The beach of Esquinzo only enriches a unique landscape, attributes added of its condition of wild refuge, referring of surferos and haven of peace and sun. Too much sun.

In the town Tindaya and in the middle of the steep north coast, much less visited and quite unknown, this enclave pauses in the landscape.

From the volcanic black goes back to the golden sand, the baths and the ocean blue house mark. Mark of the island.

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