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Thinking white is thinking clean!


Our guests have always told us that Avanti is a very clean hotel. Is it because it is very white?

In fact, the credit must go to Estefanía, our housekeeper, and to her great team. But also we have an ideal interior design..... You may have noticed that Avanti’s flooring is of white polyurethane, very white. Some of you may also remember that there are very few corners: the walls and floors of the rooms are of one continuous material, one being the continuation of the other. As there are no sharp corners, the rooms are free of insects. 

And the colour? White usually means many good things, and many of them are directly related to neatness, purity, lightness or innocence. Thinking white is thinking clean. As Mr. Muscle would say, "You can’t cheat cotton".

We are going to keep it whiter than white from now on too, because we have ordered two new handheld steam cleaners, smaller and more manageable. As we will see in another more in-depth publication, steam will be the key now because it has a very high disinfecting power. They will be arriving very soon... it will be great to unpack them! ;)

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