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AVANTI 3.0 (COVID-19 Project) - Our Aim -


The quartz stone in the photo is not a perfect prism, but let's imagine it is. Let’s imagine too that we could see the appearance of the immediate future through it, separated by colours and neatly arranged, like a rainbow ... Wouldn't that be great?

We would be able to see the world that will be left after all these restrictions are lifted.

Do you think the virus will change everything? We are the same people but ... will we behave in the same way when we go out? It is difficult to know because nobody can give us any clues (at the moment) about what the re-opening will look like.

What is clear is that it will change our perspective of travelling, or of not travelling.
And if our ways of travelling change, the hotels will change => "AVANTI 3.0 Project"

Let's try to visualize it together! We don't have a crystal ball, but we can try it!

We will be very grateful for any contribution from any of you, whether you are clients, friends, or part of the team.

Note: In future publications we will go deeper. Do not miss them! How will we offer breakfast? …..We will all be happy to find out!

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